Rushing is a multidisciplinary firm focused on MEP engineering, energy analysis, sustainability consulting, commissioning, and lighting design services. Founded as a new model for consulting engineering, we come to work every day to generate holistic designs that support and enhance the visions of our clients. We view buildings and their systems interdependently – not as separate elements – and provide a full spectrum of integrated engineering and sustainability services to support and execute this approach.

We approach each project with an equal balance of exploration, invention, straightforward design, and attention to the bottom line. We believe in integrated design and collaborate closely with project stakeholders – owners, architects, contractors – from conception to completion. In the same way that the industry responds to changing technology, codes, and demand, we believe in a flexible and adaptive approach to design and project delivery. We listen carefully to our clients and project teams, tailor our participation based on the specific requirements of each project, and work collaboratively to achieve project objectives and goals.

At Rushing, we are committed to bringing together the best minds in the field to create effective, forward-focused designs that encompass innovation, cost, and environmental impact. We are passionate about staying on the cutting edge of technology and product development and put all our cards on the table, sharing our knowledge with our collaborators. We’re honest and direct with our clients and team members. We’ll let you know what we think, even if that means telling you something unexpected or that may be difficult to hear.

Our work has touched every market in the Puget Sound region and beyond, with projects ranging from residential towers to transit stations. As we collaborate with our partners in shaping Seattle and its surrounding areas, we learn valuable lessons that inform both our future projects and our role within the industry.